Live Video Recordings

December xx, 2011
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA, USA
30th Anniversary
1 Blu-ray Disc
Gustavo Barata / I-vanm
Gustavo Barata
89 min

Night 2 : 2011.12.07

To Live Is to Die (Missing)
Enter Sandman (Missing)
Holier Than Thou (Missing)
Disposable Heroes (Missing)
Kirk Solo (Missing)
Bleeding Me (Missing)
Wasting My Hate (Missing)
My Apocalypse (Missing)
Just a Bullet Away (Missing)
Breadfan (with MetClubber Andrew Dowis) (Missing)
The Memory Remains (with Marianne Faithfull)
Killing Time (with Ray Haller) (Missing)
Turn the Page (with Kid Rock) (Missing)
The Four Horsemen (with John Bush) (Missing)
Iced Honey (with Lou Reed) (Missing)
The View (with Lou Reed) (Missing)
White Light White Heat (with Lou Reed) (Missing)
Creeping Death (with Jason Newsted)
Battery (with Jason Newsted) (Missing)
Mercyful Fate medley (with Mercyful Fate) (Missing)
Seek and Destroy (Jason Newsted, Scott Ian, Ray Haller, John Bush, Joey Vera, Gonzo Sandoval, the Soul Rebels Brass Band, and a random fan) (Missing)

Night 3 : 2011.12.09

Suicide And Redemption
Master of Puppets (Missing)
...And Justice for All (Missing)
Of Wolf and Man (Missing)
Kirk Solo (Missing)
Fade to Black (Missing)
The Thing That Should Not Be (Missing)
I Disappear
The Outlaw Torn (Missing)
Hell and Back (Missing)
Blitzkrieg (with MetClubber Joseph Guariglia) (Missing)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (with Jerry Cantrell) (Missing)
Nothing Else Matters (with Jerry Cantrell)
So What (with Animal)
Tuesday's Gone (with Gary Rossington, Pepper Keenan, Jim Martin, & Jerry Cantrell)
Fuel (with Jason Newsted) (Missing)
Fight Fire With Fire (with Jason Newstead) (Missing)
Die, Die My Darling (with Glenn Danzig)
Last CaressGreen Hell (with Glenn Danzig) (Missing)
Rapid Fire (with Rob Halford) (Missing)
Seek and Destroy (with Jason Newsted, Jerry Cantrell, Pepper Keenan, Jim Martin, Glenn Danzig, Animal, Laaz Rockit, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band) (Missing)

Night 4 : 2011.12.10
Orion (Missing)
Through the Never (Missing)
Ride The Lightning (Missing)
The God That Failed (Missing)
Kirk Solo (Missing)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Missing)
Rebel of Babylon (Missing)
Blackened (with 2 MetClubbers) (Missing)
Dirty Window (with Bob Rock) (Missing)
Frantic (with Bob Rock)
Sabbra Cadabra (with Geezer Butler)
Iron Man (With Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne)
Paranoid (With Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne)
King Nothing (with Jason Newstead)
Whiplash (with Jason Newstead)
Motorbreath (with Hugh Tanner) (Missing)
Phantom Lord (with Dave Mustaine)
Jump in the Fire (with Dave Mustaine)
Metal Militia (with Dave Mustaine)
Hit the Lights (with Dave Mustaine, Ron McGovney and Lloyd Grant)
Seek & Destroy (with Jason Newsted, Dave Mustaine, Lloyd Grant, Ron McGovney, Hugh Tanner, Mark Osegueda, and the Soul Rebels) (Missing)

Finally a non YouTube sourced show, authored from the original camera HD files. Too bad its incomplete. Great quality show filmed from pretty close.

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