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The recordings on this page are for my personal enjoyment. I do not make any money off of this hobby. These recordings are not meant to replace the artist's studio albums. I already have all the studio albums, and I collect these shows as an appreciation for live music. If a band would like their recordings removed from this list, please ask, and I will gladly take them down.

I also reserve the right to not list some DVD's that I am unable to list or trade due to filmer's wishes, author's wishes, or my own personal reasons.

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Ten Newest Video Recordings
Metallica: 2015.08.25 - St.Petersburg, Russia (PAL, 1 Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc), (Shocker999 / Zarko) : details Added on 2021.07.24
Guns N' Roses: 2017.11.28 - San Diego, CA, United States (NTSC, 2 Blu-ray Discs), (Not In This Lifetime San Diego) : details Added on 2021.07.07
Megadeth: 1992.12.04 - Daly City, CA, United States (NTSC, 1 Dual Layer DVD), (Shayne Stacy / Zarko [audio upgrade]) : details Added on 2021.07.07
Metallica: 1991.12.18 - Uniondale, NY, USA (NTSC, 1 Dual Layer DVD & 1 DVD), (Sabkisscrue / PagArn) : details Added on 2021.07.07
Metallica: 2017.11.03 - Antwerp, Belgium (PAL, 1 Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc), (Jeancoverdesign / PagArn) : details Added on 2021.07.04
Metallica: 1993.06.27 - Athens, Greece (PAL, 1 Blu-ray Disc), (Kostas S. / Zarko) : details Added on 2021.06.22
Metallica: 1997.01.29 - Minneapolis, MN, USA (NTSC, 1 Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc), (MNLive / PagArn) : details Added on 2021.06.17
Metallica: 2014.06.03 - Horsens, Denmark (PAL, 1 Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc), (Frostbitez / Thurmraider) : details Added on 2021.06.16
Metallica: 1992.12.07 - 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (PAL, 1 Blu-ray Disc), (Evil Dick) : details Added on 2021.06.09
Metallica: 2018.09.06 - Lincoln, NE, United States (PAL, 1 Blu-ray Disc), (Metfan4l / PagArn) : details Added on 2021.06.08
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Metallica: 1992.04.04 - East Rutherford, NJ, USA (NTSC, 2 Dual Layer DVDs)
Metallica Random Video Screenshot

Random Video Recording

Metallica: 2015.08.25 - St.Petersburg, Russia
Audience recording, PAL, 1 Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc
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