Live Audio Recordings

September 6, 1996
Wiener Stadthalle
Vienna, Austria
Poor Touring Me Tour

Bad Seed (Jam) (Missing)
So What!?
Creeping Death
Sad But True (Missing)
Ain't My Bitch
Bleeding Me
King Nothing
Devil's Dance
Wasting My Hate
Bass Solo / Guitar Solo
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom The Bells Tolls (Missing)
Wherever I May Roam (Missing)
Fade To Black (Missing)
Kill / Ride Medley (Missing)
The Shortest Straw
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman (Missing)
Jams (Missing)
Last Caress (Missing)
Breadfan (Missing)
Overkill (Missing)

2nd Source. Silver CD. Date on cover is wrong.


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Back Cover Artwork
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1 CD
Source 2 - LiveShitLoad

ed9a22bd1688c41d18cd17ab3ef0750b *01 - So What! (The Anti-Nowhere League Cover).flac
2c8df4c81edb9f50922bc06b74b90e67 *02 - Creeping Death.flac
aabd01b5b04523199deae6ede33ced8f *03 - Ain't My Bitch.flac
8d5563a34a5dc8da090960891f6b3044 *04 - Whiplash.flac
487f93cc65c0e2ac4652c6ce9aa8e8d2 *05 - Bleeding Me.flac
69493cb0d550d2195b1d80d3da5bd949 *06 - King Nothing.flac
59f98bc48447d0a4a877912d9f549187 *07 - One.flac
0e95807c3289e5934554b461ac9bb089 *08 - 2 X 4.flac
d311cc68c9ab5d953ba4e4d215cc67f3 *09 - Wasting My Hate.flac
dda3f205a3b754b27cbd5f87f2d89f54 *10 - Nothing Else Matters.flac
4c49ebe885847cb9f2fdaf6ac02acb3a *11 - Until It Sleeps.flac
335ed0a4601d11da7619fcfe07ae3c4e *12 - The Shortest Straw.flac
cf10cc0175fa9d3e83ce6c026859e6cf *13 - Master Of Puppets.flac
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